After two years of recording sessions, The Useless Eaters USA has emerged with 22 songs that will define the next direction in listenable, butt shaking Classic Rock.

Jimmi Accardi 

Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Recording Artist, Producer, Jimmi the producer at Molehill productions, has  the most thorough and extensive capture of music-o-belia in his head, and his soul, such that I seldom need to consult Google for an answer about songs or musicians.  There are so many amazing talents in his tool box that I will be devoting a web page to describe some of  his  extroardinary experiences and creative abilities.

I'm Scott Richins

I launched 'The Useless Eaters USA' as a music project to perpetuate my favorite music style. Jimmi took the music to a new Professional level.  

The name, Useless Eaters, is my political statement to underline where America is losing ground. We are on a down-slide towards becoming 'useless' if we don't produce according to the Corporate Model that they have made for us.

In some of my songs I wanted to make a musical-political statement and illuminate that statement with Classic Rock Music. 

As a Singer, Songwriter, Composer. I 'see' feelings that can be expressed in verse and then the melodies mystically takes us on a natural path to accent the verse.   My deep interest in shaping some of our compositions with a political message is to bring attention to our country's self governance issues.


"The Useless Eaters, USA" is the name behind the music that makes the point that none of us want to become "Useless Eaters."  If we do not regain control of our runaway government we, soon may join the ranks of unemployed less valuable corporate product, often referred to by the 1% movers and shakers as "Useless Eaters".  

Henery Kissenger, in the 1970's, used the term, "Useless Eaters"  off handedly, perhaps giving us an insight to the aloof industrialist class's regard for unprofitable servants.

Perhaps we can regard the $19 Trillion like the trillionaires do... "Business as usual, give the workers a bone or two, and print endless money." It's worked for them so far, hasn't it?

But, for now we can still rock and roll. So let's do it!